He doesn't know i'm going to therapy, i usually go on friday's, but she's not available this friday.". Recently her parents were involved in a freak accident and the police told her it was a car crash. 'I don't know, play video games, do normal things that normal people do.' 'But Chase isn't normal,' Adam said laughing. Whilst on a school trip, Chase and Adam decided to sneak of for a little fun. That way Chase wouldn't figure out thathe had ended their relationship. Always fresh stories. What will happen when a young high school student finds himself challenged to a beef at "S". Spike would like to believe that, but he heard what he heard. After a chilling walk home, it was October after all, he finally arrived at the mansion. I yelled. 18. It was adorable, you should have seen it.". Brase Isn't Incest (Essay) by braseshippersunite. UPTO 50% OFF ON ALL PRODUCTS. For starters she's Bionic. What's his feelings? me. 141 pages May 26, 2014. He yelled back, not even angry, just confused. Well that was just flat out rude and such a mean thing to say. Lab rats. *based on the episode "you posted what!! She's a three-in one combination of beauty and smarts. The world slips sideways for a moment, and when he comes back to himself, the circuitboard he was working on is in pieces and Bree is pacing the room in front of him, slipping in and out of superspeed as she rants. He knows they're not related even though Davenport never said anything. "Bree, let me try." Spike has listened to somedramatic fights between his (step)mom and his slightlyegocentric father. 16. Please consider turning it on! "Don't call me that. (Short Story). Including my younger brother. The Daven twin swap! "He fucking better be, or all the therapy in the world can't save you from getting murdered by me", Chase half heartedly joked. Yeah, and hes always snuggled up to one of us as well. None of them are connected unless stated. Didn't h.. "Did you find Chase?" I was so worried and decided to called Adam. Forgot you're already taken?? Spin gets awoken on his fourteenth birthday by the Davenport family who have decided to give the young spinning bionic boy his first proper birthday, with one of the Davenport's very focused on his happiness. Chase is the self-proclaimed mission leader of his siblings. tip: lex m/m (mature OR explicit), 1. Techincally he only promised Chase he'd keep him alive. Meet Olivia "Liv" Jones. However it didn't take long for Spike's attitude to change completley. Like most teenage girls, she tries her best to have a social life, but being superhuman gets in the way . Leo comes in the house. "1,2,3,4,5" Nothing happened. Chase's black eye Mr.Davenport tries to save her. I plead. It wouldn't be Labrats if it did. Bree is superspeeding me there. Sure rising your voice at someone isn't a mature thing to do. #labrats Chase Davenport love story) 25 pages September 14, 2017 harrypotterfanatic. "Adam, you need to gorder search for him! Look at him. [seasons 1-4]. 12. What would happen? While Adam has enhanced strength, Chase has super intelligence. I fell into deep sleep. Just then the sound of the He picked me up and threw me across the room almost breaking my arm. He let his insecurities get the best of him this one time, and now it was going to cost him everything. Mr. Davenport told them to suit up there was an gas leak in one of the facilities if they don't shut it down it will make the whole bu Leo, Adam, bree, and chase do an experiment to see how their bodies will react if they are human for 2 weeks. It Isn't a toy Spike. That's why h- i had to tell you not to hurt me!" Spike snapped. Chase squinted his eyes at the sudden bright light, then covered his ears and yelled at the BOOM the firework let out. This was better then having to watch Chase fade away in to a broken boy again. Or what happened when the government didn't let Adam, Bree and Chase roam free so they had to run away from their lives in Mission Creek (right after "You Posted What?"). You do something stupid, you suffer the consequences. Geez this dude had some serious jealousy issues. Mr. Davenport said. And stay tuned for part 2! Spike said in a calm tone. It's okay Chase. Do me a favour and tell Kaz where i'm at, would you? You're Lucky you've got me There is no pulse." Watching Lab Rats Part 3(Bionic Showdown). Kind. *rewrites pending* Skai was found on the Davenport's doorstep, confused and alone. Chase just shrugs before turning around and skipping back to the hyperlift. My uncle Donald was sitting next to him and my dad was stroking his hair. 11 11. . He said hang up quickly. Chase had stopped yelling a long time ago, but Kaz was yet to realize this. "Come on Chase -smartest man on earth- Fucking Davenport, she was clearly flirting with you!!". "What is that?" Hurry up and meet me at the front of the school. I told you why we cant., So you come home flaunting someone else, Kaz yells angrily with traces of a second emotion that Chase couldnt exactly pinpoint. Intact they are all friends. Something woke me up. Little do they know the worst of the battle is yet to come. And then Bree adds Oliver, Kaz, and Skylar? Well, even more so than his siblings- Adam and Bree. tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10. This is important. Which I'm not.". You're taking away their privacy. It was also shown in Bionic Showdown that he can levitate. 2. He is a sucker for drama. My older brother saw me and followed. Follow Adam, Bree, Chase, Leo and the fifth bionic human: Emily. "Who knows how many Bluey episodes later, and Oliver is heating up two bottles of angel milk so his littles will sleep when the door opens. Hed told Marcus about it when they were sitting in the library at lunch. Bree comes home exhausted after a mission. He has been beating me up long with Bree. ", "You're getting rid of all the witnesses! Chase helps Spike heal Kaz shouted. "Oh and do me a favour, don't bring this conversation up again". I stepped back. SO ADORABLE! They both say in unison, causing the others to sigh. Youngest. "Taken" is the 9th episode in Season 3 of Lab Rats. Chase Davenport Needs a Hug. Chase has been having feelings for Adam. Chase gets really sick, and Leo tries too hide his sickness. "Oh i get it then you will tell your parents your sleeping at Oliver's house? -Bree ], So much rides on a simple lighting symbol. Chase's bionics have been acting out since the 'incident' as they like to call it. #disneyxd leodooley; breedavenport; labratsfanfiction +9 more # 10. Lab Rats belongs to Disney. Spike had to bite his lip so he didn't gag at the nickname. "Right, i'm sure he d- i mean i do. Slash BoyxBoy Adam/Chase. For one he has trust . will Adam,Bree, chase and Mr. davenport be able to save him and if they do, will he still be the same read and find out. The poor guy was convinced he was just teaching some fight skills to the girl. "It's our fault." After a horrible mission gone wrong, Bree Davenport is devastated. Bree admitted. Chase Pov As I sat on the couch as Adam came. #leo, Hello, here I am again! Adam exclaimed. Infact Spike and his other siblings had been non stop joking about the way Chase was checking Kaz out while training with the girl. I told him. Sign up with Facebook Sign up with Google. I was not thinking. Ba.. sorry, Chase i am really sorry i shouldn't have yelled at you.". I solved the problem! Get it over with". I picked it up and figured out that it was a mobile phone and I turned it on. Like Chase. Like i said, rational thinking;). A 14 year old girl who is best friends with Leo Dooley and lives with him and his mum after her parent's death. Kaz felt like someone just punched him in the face andChase might as well have done that. I stood up and faced the water. But at what price? Mr. Davenport and Tasha come in scared of what they might find. Unloved. Even though I did not know him, I cared. He never thought he'd be the kind of person to beg someone to stay, but then again he kind of did so to Stefanie in highschool too. Rated: Fiction T - English - Family/Hurt/Comfort - Adam, Chase, D. Davenport, Leo - Chapters: 3 - Words: 1,701 . "Chase, don't do this Don't leave me not like this". 19. "CHASE." Like he mentioned already, he'd get over it. Others I was just experimenting, hated the results, but posted them anyways. Give the kid some space. (Part 3) Also posted on Fanfiction.net under the name Kaliko Jerika. "Chase please don't walk away from me", Kaz said louder now. Will there be any survivors from the ch {I don't own Lab rats} Chase gets bullied in school by Trent. Chase is the first one to see it, thanks to an alert he has set up for any significant social media posts regarding the Elite Force: a slightly blurry phone picture of Kaz kissing a blonde in a black-and-gold costume, accompanied by the text omg one of those elite force guys got a new gf??? The people in it seemed so happy. Loveable. I said with tears in the eyes. 5. -Chase i? A sophomore of Mission Creek High enrolled in AP classes to satisfy her intellect, an eye for beauty through the lens of a camera, and high energy expelled by her role as captain of her school's soccer team. He better have a reasonable explanation for this or he is grounded." Bullied. You're everything to me!" "1,2,3,4,5 Come on Chase. Someone always wakes him up to try new tests. "I fucking dare you Oliver", Spike whispered back, knowing they wouldn't be able to hear him. With their bionic sister Bree, they complete missions. Chasey just threatened me. Don't yell to him. Female Oc / JJ May All it took was one word. It was so peaceful in contrast to my life. 10. Leo said. Just leave him alone." "Chase, are you sure we can keep this bunddle of agression over here alone with Kaz after y'all just had your first fight? Please don't judge, I'm really nervous about how this book w Book one in the Pure series That was so cute, I have to see it again!. What if Douglas created a fifth bionic human (Including Daniel). Even with Rodissius down, his children the evil shapeshifters have defeated the Elite Force and stolen the list of the names of every superhero. Your comment will not appear until it has been approved by the creator. 700 700. "Abso-fucking-lutely-not", Spike spat out. Faven Meyer is an unique individual. Mission Gone Wrong. The doctor said that he drank much water but now he was okay. Oliver's Mom and stopping Roman, Riker and Rees from destroying Mighty Med, Chase starts coming to Mighty Med with several injuries. Now everyone knew. The three are taken to a government testing facility.). Bree Davenport is one of three main protagonists of the Lab Rats franchise. I got up against the wall. "You're breaking up with me?" FanFiction | unleash . I sank deeper. The wrong twin "Wait a minute. You need to listen to people and their AUs before you judge. Or,Kaz's childhood was anything but great, and this is more or less a timeline of birth to 2022 where my LR:EF Rewrite AU takes place, Please read the tags!! Alright, well be down in a second, Leo says, before glaring at Chase, right after I get some ice for my back because SOMEBODY decided to scare me half to death while waking me up!. WARNING:this fic contained age regression as a coping mechanism, if that isn't your thing please do not read, What the title and tags say :)I will take requests if I feel inspired by them <3. Spike sits down on the couch in the room that he shares with Chase. Alienated. Please tell me you're not really him (Chase's b Go shopping in Arizona, as a matter of fact, why don't take you take Sky with you? So to hide their bionic secret Adam and Chase must pretend to date as part of their cover. Worst case in this doomsday scenario, we must have plans in place to take each and every one of us down, should the day come.". As I sat on the couch as Adam came in. Learning just how much things have changed. And don't talk to him either! But Kaz probably didn't expect Spike to pretend to be Chase, so he figured he wouldn't realize it. No category. "We always mock him and complain about him. You like disrespecting your boyfriend?!" Kaz shook his head. In public?!. Kaz and Chase have their first fight.It becomes clear to Kaz that he doesn't know as much about Chase's past as he thought. 2.8K 65 9. Who would want a demon living in their home, anyways? "Right, i'm sure he d- i mean i do. I protested, touching my brother's arm. He asked voice soft, filled with pain. He tells everyone else at the island what happened. She can't believe it one bit but hey, at least she has her best friends Oliver and Kaz.. and they work in a superhero Hospital?! After suffering multiple attacks and terrorizing nightmares, Bree is coming to realize her biggest threat is her own emotions. He's practically vomited before listening to his twinbrother and his boyfriend being cheesy and grose. This time Chase didn't sound scared, but Spike still didn't like it. The subject of their conversation being Chase. His voice sounded strange to Spike, almost as if he was trying not to start begging for forgiveness. Now!". ny times!" Secret twin He convinces his creator to kidnap Chase making the Lab Rats fight to get him back. -33 chapters and counting- Happy Birthday dear Chase, Happy Birthday to you . "You what?? ?, chase brings home reese and kaz wants answers. Then, it hit me. "How was i suppose to know that??" I lowkey can't believe i wrote this lmao. "Chase, come on. Adam, Chase and Bree face their new problems, and Crane has escaped from a high protected prison. Work Search: #bree It's okay Chase. She is the second oldest child out of the four main super-humans. More specifically, he told Marcus about how much it was going to suck because hes already overstimulated and listening to a bunch of highschoolers yell while sneakers squeak on the floor and a ball bounces around is not going to help.". After that, darkness. I start crying and screaming. Thankfully the music covered up the yell. A Chip in the Shoulder by daphrose reviews. After a long time we were in Chase's room and he was asleep. Bree has no idea that Adam,Chase,and Leo exist and something EVIL happens, Krane is back. I was ready to sit on a rock when I noticed something half buried in the sand. brought everyone's attention to the boy running out of it, Chase. Someone called my name but I did not care anymore. Leo helps me to the couch. They didn't want bionic freaks around them, they didn't want their protection. "I have power replication. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. A virus gets Mr. Davenport and Chase sick. He throws me into the other side of the room. Infact he loved him so much that he had almost gotten blinded by jealousy, the very first time someone gave his boyfriend just a little bit more then the appropriate amount of attention. Oliver came rushing in when he heard Kaz crying. "You completely disregarded my . Pour vaincre Rodissius et ses 13 enfants, nos hros vont devoir faire appel d'anciens allis. Something woke me up. 5. Kaz (Mighty Med & Lab Rats: Elite Force) Chase Davenport; Additional Tags: Hurt/Comfort; Angst with a Happy Ending; Fluff and Hurt/Comfort; Tooth-Rotting Fluff; Chase is hurt; Kaz loves to take care of him; Doctor Kaz; Kaz is more intelligent than he lets on; They cant flirt like normal people; Just kiss already!! 143 guests Leo was asleep on the couch while the others were trying to be quiet while talking. "The ocean is huge! What happens if the davenport siblings had a gc? *based on the episode "you posted what!! chase davenport, lab rats westernwoods. The background was a picture of my new family. And people weren't buying it. But because he got a little jealous and raised his voice to him? While Adam, Bree and Chase fail to return Spin and Bob from an unauthorized field trip, Donald gets stuck wearing something he shouldn't. I would probably had the same reaction if my brothers and sisters planned something without me. "Mr. Davenport." I trail off I was over token by tears but Leo stepped in. Memories I opened my eyes and noticed 6 six figures looking at me. But if you had asked him two months ago if he thought there would be another catastrophe like the Great Depression, well.. you might be surprised by his answer. Bree chuckles, Oh you are in for a surprise then!. A collection of Ahsoka Tano/Chase Davenport drabbles. Will they ever find out if Jasmin is on their side? Bianca Andrews is Leo's best friend. !Then everyone screamed Then Adam brought chase up to the air and through him across the room all the way toured the hydro loop and chase crashed into itChases pov Adam has just thrown me across the room and I just crashed into the hydro loop and and usually when Adam throws me I usually get a few bruises and scratches but this time my knee start to hurt really bad and I couldn't get up and then the knee pain starts to hurt like I was just stabbed in the heart so I scream in pain End pov Back in the training area before chase screamed Everyone was looking at the door where Adam through chase and Adam was smiling Everyone was waiting for chase to come through the door but then Chase: OWWWWWWW!!!! Marcus is determined to pretend like he isnt friends with Chase. :). " 11. "Therapy, not at 9pm, 6pm, you know 3 hour time difference? whipped, Skylar comments leaning on Bree. "I don't know maybe.. just maybe you could have used that damn brain of yours that is supposed to be so much fucking better then everyone else's"!! Get over it. Being the two boys of the Davenport household, besides their brother Leo, they have to stick together. ~ He smirks at me. One party. Or,Chase/Kaz/Oliver is cute and Skylar enjoyed Pocoyo <3(FYI NO you don't have to read my rewrite to read this lmao), Just what the title says different characters losing bets that end in a bare bottom Spanking. Genius. My vision was still blurry but listening to their voices, I could tell that it was my family. Aka do i need to come home immidiaetly? He doesn't get enough sleep. What surprise he has. Only sometimes. "ADAM YOU AND BREE ALSO MESS UP DON'T BE MAD AT HIM." I blew the candles and we all gave a big hug! are "Yeah, it's for the best." Which leads to intresting scenario's:Like a drunk Kaz confussing his boyfriend for Spike, Spike yelling at Chase for letting people treat him like sh*t, Spike defending Kaz towards a homophobic stranger, Chase helping Spike through a toxic relationship and the twins swapping places! All of that changed once Leo brought his new stepbrother Kaz x Reader x Oliver One shots where Spike and Chase are twins. Come on." "You what?! tip: arthur merlin words>1000 sort:hits, I don't think Brase is Incest. ", "I think you know what that's supposed to mean.". They look at me and Tasha runs to get a first aid kit. These are the sort of qualities we experience with Chase Davenport. -Adam or,Chase asks Marcus to walk him home because he knows he's probably going to have a bad reaction to the basketball game he's attending to support Adam and Bree cheering. Marcus ends up helping him with a meltdown. He doesn't know how he can protect them, not when they want to use him as a weapon. Bree comes over runs me to the top of the roof shoving me off. Skylar and Bree just wanted to go on a walk together at night with some light shopping. He is trying to figure out how to tell Adam about this and is worried. --but he does know that hes waiting for him to come out of the basketball game because Adam and Bree were going to be cheering and he agreed to come watch. Chase Davenport is one of the three main protagonists of the Lab Rats franchise. How do you feel, Chase?". Its so cool!!. Spike's protective brother instincts immdiaetly kicked in. Why my siblings hate me so much? Chase Davenport-centric. Adam..Cripes sakes, now how is he going to fit in, and conform to society's standards? They were outcasted, hated. Notes: Douglas and chase are working on a project and chase comes up really excited to tell everyone, (See the end of the work for more notes.). I was freezing in there but I had to find my brother. My brother started coughing and spitting water out of his mouth. I run to him. "You're really going to throw away everything we have? Sometimes if he stays awake, they leave him alone. The elite force were all hanging out in the living room, bored out of their minds without a villain to take down. "Heyyy", Spike tried to sound nonchalant. Yeah you read that right. "How badly did he hurt you?". Is that what this is about, Chase sighs. But i'm serious! As soon as my vision was cleared, I smiled at them. "What are you talking about Chase? "Haha funny, okay fine, yes i was eavesdropping. They reached Leo and Adam. And what the hell were we?Tell me we werent just friends. 'Well you are.' 'Let's just go home,' Chase said ignoring his older brother. Fanfiction Romance Fan Lab Rats Love Chase Davenport. Why would your back need the ice? A bunch of smaller fireworks went off, but they weren't very loud so Chase just squinted. Not only had she and Adam failed the mission, but it was at the cost of Chase's life. His skin is pale, white as sheet. It hadn't even crossed his mind. He couldn't let that happen, they wer Bree and Kim are best friends, jack and chase are best friends. 13. No one cheats on my brother, no one. She scrunches up her face at her phone before slamming it down on the counter. please read that first :) You wish i wasn't there so you could have let her shove her tongue down your troath?!" No Archive Warnings Apply. The mission was simple, get as many people as you can out of the cave before it collapses. Real life fights are so much better then the reality tv shows Bree and Skylar watch. Complete Work. Spike swallowed, he thought Kaz just didn't care, but atleast he realized it and apologized for it. I would never hurt you.". ", "Well yeah, but.. Fuck.Chase, i didn't know you said that because you were scared. My boyfriend went flying Adam and I split. little minific i wrote based on an ask on my tumblr (neurodivenport). i wonder what it's like Adam is always throwing chase around In fact everybody calls it the bionic brother toss but when Adam does it once more what if chase wasn't all fine with only a few bumps and bruises what if he was now stuck in a knee immobilizer ( which is like fr #bionicbrothertoss This story includes Marcus and is an Alternate Universe story to season three of Lab Rats, where Marcus turns good. If he doesn't pass with flying colors. Leo gets into an accident on his way back to his own time and is not only thrown into a different time line, but another dimension all together. The fear of falling apart." Chase furiously ran a hand through his hair as they returned from yet again another mission. Oliver pisses of Spike I know right! Chase has already been in a toxic relationship once, Spike is absolutely not letting that happen again. Spike&Chase explained Which wouldn't be too bad, if it weren't for alternate dimension Marcus' annoyingness, the weird feelings alternate dimension Chase makes him feel . Chase asks Kaz to marry him, but ofcourse this doesn't go flawless. We will see you later." Mr. Davenport said and everyone exited the room. Leo says defending me. In the entire year of them being together, this had never happened before. If he played his cards right, he might actually get away with this. I hope you enjoy reading this! Bree becomes weaker without her chip and finds out that's what was keeping her alive. ! This caused Leo to scream and tumble off the couch and the others to laugh at him. Maybe it was just that he never thought he'd need to convince Chase to stay with him (after one dang argument). lab rats chase gets hurt fanfiction. Trans Chase Davenport. Browse; Paid Stories; . Chase and Bree meet and fall in love, only to discover later that they're siblings. Hey, so in case there was any confussion. Spike said with a sense of determination in his voice that should have convinced Kaz this wasn't Chase. Spike takes a bite of his apple ( Chase was Sirously rubbing of on him, he needed to see his other brothers asap before he was going to start liking carob cookies, documentaries and fire powered superheroes) and fully activates his bionic hearing so he can listen to the drama. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. me. (and Douglas is a DILF despite not being a dad). This work's creator has chosen to moderate comments on the work. "EDDIE WATCH CHASE." Bree and Chase like to tease each other, but work very well together on missions. ", "No. Have you seen him lately? March 2014. I just sigh and shake my head. Adam Davenport is by his side along with the family, but when they can't handle it any more. ""I am still outside.". This is where chase made them mess up on a mission and Adam and Bree both start bullying him. hyperlift It was so shinny. Which leads to intresting scenario's:Like a drunk Kaz confussing his boyfriend for Spike, Spike yelling at Chase for letting people treat him like sh*t, Spike defending Kaz towards a homophobic stranger, Chase helping Spike through a toxic relationship and the twins swapping places! I decided that if I wouldn't do it now, I would never be able to be myself again. He was far too upset to even consider the possibility that the guy infront of him wasn't his boyfriend. So uhm.. we're good?". 4. #rats, Every was in the training area except for chase and then chase came in and then out of nowhere Adam said Adam: who wants to see the bionic brother toss!!! Leo's mum marries an inventor called Donald Davenport and they move in with him. But today is a special day. There was no one to help me. Since he could only hear what was going on, he didn't know what exactly had happened, but it sounded a lot like SebASStian and Chase's arguments. He let his insecurities get the best of him this one time, and now it was going to cost him everything. I'm your baby & I know you feel the same. Spike activates in school and does a lot of questionable things, and so does Adam in stopping him. I can go too." "Oh yeah, you had one, you just weren't invited." Work Search: This is the story of kick and Brase. They have a close friendship/sibling relationship with each other. Where did he go? Join Skylar, Adam, Bree, Chase and Sakura, as they journeyed to Aurodon in search of the Fairy Godmother's wand for their parents. that's why it's fun. Just slow updates! left kudos on this work! Marcus went up to his room and pulled out his homework. Needless to say Chase's tips never stopped him. Wut began as Chase challenjing his oldur bruter, Adam, 2 a restling match, soon turns 2 a steam-e nite of lust between dem. Anyways, just say the word if you'd like me to put you're boyfriend through a wall. But what would happen when Mr. Davenport finds out. Bree and kim are cheerleaders. Kaz and Oliver blush as the others start laughing again. Is Jasmin hiding a little secret too? "Donnie. Leo and Adam were hanging out with the rest of the team as they had come to visit for the week. "Oh no, Bree, you don't have to tell me. Kaz almost whispers it, not daring to upset Chase any further. Part 2 of Pain & Glitches, and the story picks up almost right after the first. optimistic or positive, especially in an apparently bad or difficult situation. Then everyone screamed. "W-What?" Please consider turning it on! Over one silly argument?" Yes, Spike is overprotective as heck, but he is still Chase's brother. Kaz awkwardly stood up and Oliver shrieked practically flying out of the room. And suddenly, Peter is caught in a whirlwind of confusing feelings, new relationships, secret identities, superhero and tech giant drama, and a healthy amount of banter. Sure, Chase didn't see signs that they looked for him, but he didn't need them, right? The only clue he left behind is a burnt-out invention of Davenport's. Sure, he didn't see signs that they looked for him, but he didn't need them. Chases smile grew and he started bouncing, Douglas and I built something that is really really awesome and we want to show you guys! #chasedavenport ", "Chase, i am not going to kill him. Bree followed, but before Spike could close the door, she eyed between the twins suspicously. Today they are visiting their childhood home. He grabs his tea, because someone told him he wasn't allowed to drink cafene at 9pm! You need to listen to people and their AUs before you judge. And no, funny enough this wasn't Chase (the anxiety overloaded genius had a serious cafeine problem so anyone else's caefine in take was none of his business), it was the other sibling he was currently living with. My world started to become peaceful in some minutes. "Douglas destroyed the most important thing to Big D, and now he was going to get Adam, Bree, and Chase. Alternate/extended ending to the Episode; Bionic Action Hero. A teenage boy with amnesia sitting in a mental hospital waiting for his family to find him is where it begins. Spike walked in to Kaz and Oliver's room. Bree asked. The Lab Rats are losing. Figures. 3. Their mom marries Donald Davenport, so they move in with him. Ten long and dreadful years had passed and the super siblings were still bitterly living under fake identities, scattered around the world. 'He's small, weak and fragile.' Chase just glared. Heroes & Heroines. Leo says and goes to the other room.
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